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Recent Events

The Haven holds and participates in many events each year to raise awareness and funding for the homeless.

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Every year, The Haven is involved in many events.  Some of these events include:

Auction for a Cause: The Haven participates in Auction for a Cause every November to raise funds to support our mission.  This is a fantastic event, that you don’t want to miss!  For more information visit here.

Check out what you could bid on in this year’s 2023 Auction for a Cause from our friends at Let’s Roam!


Pumpkin Path: Another event that is held every October, is the child-friendly, Pumpkin Path.  We are very fortunate that the beautiful Hatcher Gardens puts this on to benefit our families every year!


Outreach Monthly Lunch: Once a month, The Haven puts on a lunch for those that are homeless and residing on the streets.  The Lunch is typically donated by a generous community member, organization, or restaurant.


Awareness Events: The Haven puts on several awareness events every year where individuals and families tell their stories of homelessness and hope.  Two recent events were “Homeless to Home” and “From the Outside In”.

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