Contact Us – Shelter Services

Are you in need of The Haven’s services? Call us at 864.582.6737.

Haven Criteria for Entry

The Haven accepts:

  • Families which consist of the following:
    • Married couples without children
    • Married couples with children
    • Unmarried couples with children where both are the natural parents of one of the children
    • Single mothers with children
    • Single fathers with children

**Children must be under 18. Only exceptions for 18 and over are if they are still in high school or disabled**

  • South Carolina Residents

The Haven does not accept:

  • Single men or women without children
  • Sex offenders
  • Out of state residents
  • Violent offenders

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Who does The Haven accept?
Please refer to the “Haven Criteria for Entry” section.

How do I get into The Haven?
A screening must be completed first. You can give us a call at (864)582-6737 and complete one over the phone.  You can also stop by The Haven and complete a screening in person. Once a screening is completed, a case manager will check it to determine your eligibility. If there is a room available, the case manager will let you know immediately. If no rooms are available, the screening will be place on a waiting list and a case manager will call you as soon as a room is available.

How long is your waitlist? I need shelter soon!
There is no set time for our wait list. A room may come available in one day, one week, or in several months. Some families reside at The Haven longer or shorter than others do. It all depends on the individual needs of each family. If you need shelter soon, please feel free to give us a call or stop by. We would be more than willing to provide you with some resources.

Do all the families sleep in one room together?
– No. Families do not share a room. Each family has their own room. Each room consists of four or more beds (depends on the size of the family), dressers, linens, lamps, and nightstands.

Where is The Haven located?
The Haven is located at 852 East Main St. in Spartanburg, SC. We are a brick house in between State Farm and Progressive Insurance on East Main St.