Our History

The Haven was founded in 1983 as an outreach mission of Second Presbyterian Church. Originally it was meant to provide overnight shelter to transient men. In 1985, the service focus changed to sheltering homeless families in order to meet a growing and urgent need in the community. In 1986, The Haven became a tax-exempt nonprofit organization; however, Second Presbyterian Church remains a staunch supporter providing financial support for The Haven. The Haven is governed by a Board of Trustees that meets monthly.

Our Mission

Providing shelter and supportive services to homeless families through programs that promote sustainable living stability. The Haven advocates, creates opportunities, and engages in collaborative locally driven solutions to end homelessness for families and individuals.

Creating and engaging solutions to end homelessness

Core Values: H. A. V. E. N.

H – Honor families – We believe that all families are valuable and are to be honored. By strengthening them with compassion, kindness and caring, we enrich them and our community.
A – Accountability and Advocacy – We hold ourselves accountable to those we serve. We help those we serve to take responsibility for their lives. We use our voice and resources to open doors of opportunity for them.
V – Vision – We create a vision of a better tomorrow and brighter future for our families.
E – Empower and Encourage – We teach daily living skills that empower and encourage family members to make better life choices.
N – Non-judgmental – We treat our families with respect and honor. We make no judgements of their life situations. But rather, we focus on how together we can achieve their individual needs and goals.